Loving Life and People

Here is my latest cold read from film/tv

Hello Small World (really, I think there are two of you), it’s been awhile! Not to say I haven’t been busy, I simply have difficulty with this whole social media business. It is difficult for me to constantly market…“me.” I get tired of me. I live with me all day. I know how me is. But, the whole point of this website is to talk about me, so I suppose I should get over it.

I had one of my favorite auditions yet a week or so ago. I was called in to be the server, but I read through the sides beforehand and saw there were many “moms” required, so I did a little work there, hoping they would change their minds when they saw me. I’m a 27 year old mother who looks 18. Maybe 20. I actually had a high schooler at the audition say “Okay, we can say we go to school together.” “How about college,” I said, “You have to give me that much.” When she asked why and I explained, she was shocked. Yep. I’m sure the bangs don’t help. I’m working on that but hair can only grow so fast.

So I practiced as the server until someone came out and said, “We actually want you to read for the mom. Right now.” Great! I was so happy, I walked in the room, saw my “husband,” and said “Hey there baby!” It was a great time of improv and I know I did well. I must not have been the look they wanted, however, as I am sitting here typing instead of charming the camera. Shocking! Haha!

I have had the joy of getting together with a friend who played Clairee in “Steel Magnolias.” She is a wonderful teacher and I love talking with someone about theater and film—someone who has actually lived the life and, despite her third bout with cancer, is still writing and going to shows. I went to visit her the other day and, as I was leaving, she sat up in bed. I sat down with her and we held hands and smiled at each other and I was struck by how young she looked and how young I felt. It was one of those moments when I knew, in the eyes of eternity, we were just two little girls, talking about our hopes and dreams, and our ages were irrelevant. It was a sweet time and one I will not soon forget. It was also a good reminder of why I’m pursuing acting. Yes, I adore the time on stage or camera, but I’m put on this earth to love people. Acting is simply the avenue I get to use to meet those people. And I have already met some wonderful ones.

On that note, my cousin passed away this past week. I’m wishing I was with family right now. Instead, I went to a pond and let the kids chase and torment ducks. I figured Paul would appreciate that. Paul. If it were not for your wedding, I would have missed out on a huge part of the story that brought my own wedding about. You made me laugh more than anyone on Facebook. I will miss opening it up just to see what you wrote. There was seldom anything else that interested me. You will be missed. I love you.

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  1. Enjoyed this very much but not sure hew to respond, it went to WordPress then looked like it wanted to charge me

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