Just Listen

More from commercial class. I’m at 1:57 with a cold read and 3:45 for a cold read. On a commercial that starred Robin Williams. So. There’s no way to live up to that.

I adore every bit of acting. It is far more difficult than it appears, but there is a way to learn, thank goodness. Sometimes I have an “aha” moment, other times I have to practice the exact same technique repeatedly, and other times, it takes divine intervention! Truly! In High School, I auditioned for the role of Adelaide in “Guys and Dolls.” I could not do a New Yorker accent to save my life, I would practice repeatedly. Finally my mom suggested I pray. So I did, and the next morning when I woke up, I had it. Just like that. God has done that for me in a few things, but not every time. Just enough to remind me He cares about the little things.

Now I’m preparing for a showcase on Monday for Film/TV. For weeks I practiced and prayed and agonized and practiced and tried to cry on cue. I can cry in a scene, but for this particular one, it was suggested once that I begin the scene as an absolute basket-case. And I did it. Once. Never happened again. And I prayed. And I practiced. A lot. Don’t I sound like a spoiled American? I pray to cry? I am very aware that I am ridiculously privileged. Anyways…

I never had a divinely inspired sob-fest, but I did have an “aha” moment that is far more valuable and is going to sound so simple. “The scene is not about whether you can cry. In fact, the scene is not about you. It is also not about your scene partner and whether she can emote. It is about your relationship.” In other words, I need to take the time to look at her and simply and truthfully react to what she is saying, whether spoken or not. It keeps it so much fresher! I tried it last week and it was exhilarating!

In other news, I have a couple auditions in the coming week. I love auditions. I will keep you posted!

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