Is it Real?

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And, on a slightly unrelated note…

For some reason, this morning I am remembering the day Dad surprised us by bringing Hank (a black lab) home. He told all of us kids to come downstairs with him and, with his hands in his pockets, he began to tell us something. Partway through, we all heard barking, and my four siblings ran out to the garage. I sat there, though, trying to not get my hopes up and looking somewhat skeptically at Dad. He had a look on his face of interest, but not surprise that I hadn’t ran out with the others.

“It’s in your pocket.” I said, thinking he had some device in his pocket that made a barking noise. (For a girl who was accustomed to the sound of elk calls and dying rabbit recordings, this really was not as far-fetched as it sounds.) He laughed and said, “No, it’s not.” Another bark. “Yes it is!” By this time I had completely convinced myself that the source of the sound was his pocket. He took his hands out of his pockets and said, “Kara, it is not in my pocket.” Of course, there was another bark, and I bolted outside, still having difficulty believing it was true.

I had no reason to doubt my dad’s goodness to me, except the fact that he was a tease, but not cruelly so. Well…there was that time with the mountain lion…but that’s another story. And that poor kid from “Hunt of a Lifetime.” And my sister’s birthday. And…maybe this was a poor choice for an analogy. I was going to bring it all back to how I sometimes doubt God has good things in store for me, despite the fact that He is always good to me. And that applies to successes I will see in acting. But. Well. Now…I’m simply lost in thought regarding the strange oddities of my earthly father…maybe I need to lie down…

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