Evil Brit, Sexy Robot

Or, did I get that mixed up?

Whoo, buddy. It’s been awhile, but I’ve been sick and tired. I know you have all been anxiously awaiting news on the progress of my illustrious acting career, so here it is.

I was struck with a cold which left me groaning through the night (unintentionally—I actually woke myself up groaning. Never done that before), so, naturally, it was prime time for a voiceover audition, right? Never mind the fact that it felt like a rock was lodged in my throat, I donned my sexiest British accent and beckoned young men to join me for a pool party. They don’t need to know that my eyes are bloodshot, I’m in flannel pajama pants, and I’m like a cat in water. They also don’t need to know that, once I do get over my fears and start to swim, I defy the laws of physics and actually move backwards. Really. I’ll never forget the swim coach saying, “…I don’t understand…I don’t know what to tell you. I’ve never seen anyone move backwards when they’re paddling.” But, I’m an actress, so I do what I want!

I had another audition today for two separate roles. One of which was a panicked mother. I inadvertently made one of the crew laugh—considering it was supposed to be a dramatic sci-fi, I’m thinking I didn’t get it…hmm…The other part was for an evil robot/woman, which I really wanted. But, keep in mind, I still have my cold. So despite my best efforts to channel my inner Terminator, I’m pretty sure I just sounded like a pissed off Winnie the Pooh. Watch out, Hollywood, here I come!

Truly, I would love any one of these parts. Especially when I go to the audition and I automatically like everyone on the crew. People are so fun! I want to work with them and I’m excited about all the projects going on. So I am still optimistic, in between my bouts of dry heaving. Sexy, huh?

I’ve started a voiceover class and a Stanislavsky class. I have already had a few blessed “aha” moments that will stick with me for the rest of my career, but I’ll talk about those another time:) Happy New Year!

One thought on “Evil Brit, Sexy Robot

  1. Oh my goodness Kara that is making me laugh so hard! U don’t understand why they don’t just hire you on the spot you are too funny!!!


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