Loving Film

I finished a film yesterday with Brainhouse Productions. I was with them all weekend, all of our scenes being shot in a tiny basement room no bigger than 12*10 ft. Sounds shady, right? Oh my goodness it was so much fun! I left the house with the dumbest grin on my face, and this morning I’m still just so grateful for the opportunity to make something.

I love every bit of film. I love watching the crew—lighting, sound, camera guys/gals…and I am so impressed by everyone coming together to create something, all the while solving problems of shadows and framing and all that other stuff I have so little comprehension of. I love watching the director, who has such specific desires for every single shot and angle—he has the big picture in mind and the vision, and everyone coming together to make that happen, or even make suggestions based on their own expertise.

In theater, the light and sound people are always in some far-off box in the shadows, and the prop people are backstage in black waiting to quietly slip in and out between scenes. In film, you are constantly surrounded by everyone, and I love it. It feels so very collaborative. And you realized just how small your part is as an actor. I find it amusing that it is always actors who get the attention, while the people who made their job possible pass in front of the public eye with no recognition. When I’m on set, I don’t talk to them very much simply because they are so busy! They have this job to do that is ever-changing and it’s best to stay out of their way and just do what they ask. I just watch and admire. And wonder when/if I could ever get a filmmaking degree…

Acting is my absolute passion, and I’m getting better at acting completely out of sequence, not worrying about whether the camera is inches from my face or in super-awkward positions that are impossible to describe here without sounding incredibly wrong! Haha! I’m sure that raised a few eyebrows.

Between shots, you sit out and talk with other actors about where you’ve been, where you’re going, pets, and in my case, kids. The guys I worked with were great and so perfect for their parts, I had to watch their scenes even when I wasn’t in them. Again, with a big dumb grin on my face. It all fills my heart with joy. The film should be ready in about 3 weeks, I’m so looking forward to seeing how they put it all together!

I’m off to see my other joys right now. So grateful for my kids and my husband who has helped make all of this possible!

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